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A safer online experience for kids with parental control feature

Detailed progress reports

Always stay updated with your kid’s progress that is being mapped against core skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Search controls

Don’t get confused amongst the host of activities on the App. Use the advanced search controls to directly go your kid’s favourite rhyme or activity.

Timer controls

Rest assured that your child does not exceed his screen time. Set timers to enable your child to watch videos without parental assistance.

No add no popups

Be relieved that your kid will not encounter any commercial ads and have a completely ad-free experience while he learns and enjoys on the App.

Tons of skill-building educational activities curated for different age-groups

Phonics Practice

While playing visually engaging games, let your child learn to correlate sounds with symbols in alphabetic writing.

Alphabet Recognition

Through spaced memorisation technique introduce your kid to the various common objects and help her retain the words and images for further language learning.

Letter and line tracing

Let your kid sketch lines and letters with prompted instructions rather than plain scribbling to develop an understanding of writing alphabets.

Vocabulary Building

Let your kid enter into the world of words and sharpen his vocabulary by encountering the image and sound of the object in quick tests post every activity…

Nursery Rhymes

Selected Nursery rhymes with interesting graphics and animation that make a perfect AV experience for your kids to sing and learn along…

Animated Stories

Let your kid build comprehension skills through the collection of our short stories designed with interactive graphics and animations that make you feel that you’re almost reading from a book…

What’s new on Hello English Kids Blog?

Introducing Hello English Kids

Mommies and Daddies,

Presenting before you, Hello English Kids, an education mobile App that addresses all the English learning needs of young learners in a fun, and safe environment. Be it English vocabulary building or writing skills or active English listening comprehension abilities, Hello English Kids caters to it all!

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Spaced memorisation: Technique to boost memory

By introducing time intervals between study sessions, one can remember more. This is called spaced repetition. Spaced repetition leverages a memory phenomenon called the spacing effect, which describes how our brains learn more effectively when we space out our learning over time.

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